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A family-operated holistic wellness community 

Kind People Wellness

About Us

About Us

Hi Kind People!


We are Monique and Jason Beskin, co-founders of Kind People Wellness. We've been married 21 years and are parents to three amazing daughters. We founded KPW with the intention of creating a safe and welcoming space, fostering growth and healing for the community. We set out to create a space where people can come together in community and connect with other like-minded individuals. Over the last 20+ years, we've spent together, we have overcome many obstacles and shed many layers of the people we once were. We've unlearned a tremendous amount of old habits and patterns and learned so many new ways. Through these experiences and our studies, we've gained many healing and wellness tools which we feel called to share, far and wide! 

We believe we must approach life from the perspective that harmonizing mind, body, and soul is what creates an environment in which healing can take place and wellness can be maintained. Building a grounded foundation, of wellness, where you find joy and begin to manifest the blessings and miracles of your dreams is what we support through holistic approaches and alternative means. We are space holders for those seeking to cultivate an environment of healing and balance, physically and energetically.


Through various healing practices such as Reiki, Sound Therapy, Yoga, breathe work, guided journeys, meditation, sacred ceremonies, and rituals, we serve as guides, leading you back to yourself. We create a space for you to be reacquainted with yourself and your own innate power, where you can rediscover your true core values and where you are empowered to orchestrate your own deep healing and transformation. 

​We are honored to share space, wisdom, and healing with our Kind People Community, where we are all students and teachers, in one capacity or another.

What we offer

Our Services


Lifeforce energy is what sustains us, giving us life. A healthy flow of energy through the body's meridians is essential for well-being. Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that uses a spiritually guided flow of life force energy as a tool for balancing the energy in the body, leading to deep relaxation, stress relief and healing - mind, body and soul.


Private Reiki sessions can be provided in-person as well as remotely via zoom. 

Sessions begin at $77 

  • Distance or In Person

Reiki Certification Training 

Level 1, 2 and 



Sound Healing

The vibration created by the friction between mallet and crystal singing bowls emit frequencies of healing and balance. Through the phenomenon of entrainment, a synchronization of energies takes place, leading lower vibrational energy, such as anger, sadness or fear, to rise and meet the higher vibrational energy. The raising of this vibration has several healing benefits for the physical and subtle bodies. Relax with a guided meditation and allow the healing sound waves to envelop you. 

Check our schedule for planned sound baths or contact us to schedule your own.


Community & Connection

Leading with love, kindness, and vulnerability. KPW provides a safe environment for the community to come together and connect through progressive conversation, journaling exercises, crafting, yoga, and more! Join us for one of our various workshops!

Check the schedule for what we have planned ahead!

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Wisdom of Vedic Principles

Yoga and Ayurveda are two branches of ancient Vedic wisdom, both bringing healing and balance to our lives. This Vedic wisdom heavily influences our lives and we also share it with our guests, through our offerings of Yoga, Energy healing, Sound healing, Ritual Ceremonies, and Life Coaching. Kind People encourage the incorporation of the yoga principles on and off the mat, for a life of harmony and balance.

Home/Office Clearing

Restore the harmonious and peaceful feelings of your space. Sometimes energy can accumulate in the areas where we spend most of our time, leaving a heavy feeling in a room, or uneasiness when you enter the space. Reiki can clear unwanted or stale energy and invite peaceful and loving energy in it's place. 




We honor and live in gratitude for Mama Earth and the wellness and healing support she provides. Plant medicine has been relied upon for thousands of years for its powerful healing attributes, we use botanical extracts, dried herbs and roots, and minerals of the Earth to make blends for healing, soothing and cultivating balance in wellness of mind, body and soul. 


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