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Kind People Wellness - SDVoyager Article

Kind People Wellness has been established for two years now, as of March 2022 and in that time, we have been so blessed to see the fruits of our efforts and intentions. We have a regular sound bath schedule at Sage Sanctuary healing which is so incredibly fulfilling and has brought so many wonderful people into our lives. We have been fortunate enough to have a beautiful new private Reiki room to see our one-on-one clients, and we've been so kindly invited into people's homes to share our services with clients and their families.

We're grateful for the #kindpeople community we are building and to those who have supported us at any time throughout the journey to this point. We know you have all come into our lives by Divine design and we would not be able to share what we do, without your interest and support.

Most recently, we were given the opportunity to share our story with a local San Diego magazine called SDVoyager. We're extremely grateful to be highlighted in the April edition as a part of their small business focus. Have a look at the full article here:

Stay tuned for future blog posts as we'll begin to be more active here! Have a wonderful day Kind People!

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